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If you have found our web site, you are most likely well underway on your real estate closing.  We have built this web site to help you navigate your way to the big day, the day you CLOSE!!

Please select the tag on the left that pertains to you, and please feel free to contact our office at anytime with any questions or comment you have. We understand that the process of a real estate transaction can be very complex and intimidating.  We have closed thousands of transactions over the years, and we have the experience to get you to your ultimate goal.

Is your transaction a "Short Sale"?

It's a sign of the times, with the current real estate market - the SHORT SALE.  Please know that we are experienced in the short sale process.  It is a very different process than a "standard" or "typical" transaction, and with this you must work with a company with a different skill set and tools. 

If your transaction is a "Short Sale", please notify our office IMMEDIATLY so we may get started on ensuring the lenders approval.

Are you buying a foreclosure property?

As with the short sale above, the purchase of foreclosed home is also a much different process.  The volume to which foreclosures have moved to in the past few months has been unprecedented.  Due to this fact, the errors in the foreclosure process has also elevated to higher levels.  In order to offset this, may lenders have set a requirement that you use their foreclosure attorney for your purchase of the biggest investment of your life.  These mistakes can potentially cost you the ownership of your new home. 

Be sure you have someone looking out for YOUR interest in the purchase of your home.